Here’s the big question.

“How much will a corporate video production cost?”

Our answer to you will be..,

“It depends.”

Your next question to us will be..,

“Depends on what?”

With this in mind, let us explain why our pricing varies from shoot to shoot. Imagine the following scenario.

So you want to make a corporate video for you latest book launch and you want it to take place at your own home or office.

Your Vision

  • Your interview to highlight your book launch.
  • You want to be flattering on camera.
  • It is important for your message to be heard.
  • When it is complete, you want to be able to share it on social media.

Your Production

For the above we need to think about the following (as a minimum)

Where is the shoot location and how will we get our gear there?

  • Are we 5 miles away or 500 miles away?
  • Do we need permits?
  • Is it big enough to accommodate us?


What kind of lighting do we need?

  • Mains powered lighting that require a mains outlet to work?
  • Battery powered that are more versatile but, deliver less power?


  • This is super important. Can we get clean audio to increase production value?

What is the book about?

  • As part of our research, we may need to borrow or buy a copy.

What type of questions should we ask?

  • We need to create a loose set of questions while still remaining flexible.

How much staff do we require?

  • Do we need 1 person or 10?
  • Are we hiring Actors / extras / voice over artist?

Comfort requirements :

  • We need to feed our crew and actors.
  • Shelter is required, especially for harsh weather.
  • Safety – this will not be overlooked.

As you can see, there are many factors driving the production. Each factor can be dramatically different from that of a previous shoot while still delivering the same high quality work that you would expect.

With this in mind, our aim is to be as transparent as possible.

We do our best to keep costs down and if anything changes, you will be the first to know.

All shoots are scheduled for a full day as we will be dedicating our full attention to you as our client.

It is standard practice to request milestone payments which will include an initial deposit to help kick start the production.

So pricing may vary between shoots but, all costs are important to your corporate video production.

And remember, this production is all about you.

What do you have in mind?