Email Addresses for better business

Email Addresses for better business

Generic email addresses make you look dodgy.

business_emailGmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo email addresses, all make it look like you may not be sticking around for long.

  • I bet you’ve heard about the Nigerian billionaire who wants to give you a part of their fortune but needs some money up front to release the funds.
  • Not only is the content dubious, but the email address screams “I’m a fraud!
  • And since it is generic, even if you are a technically compitent, you won’t be able to find their website url from the email address alone.

To get more of your emails opened and acted upon, use the email address associated with your website’s domain name.

  • Don’t you think that sounds more trust worthy than I know I do.
  • Why.., because it shows that you have invested in the domain name and that you will probably still be around tomorrow.
  • And.., you can find the website by removing the @ sign and all the stuff before it e.g. (try doing this with a yahoo email address).

And you will find it easier to bypass the spam filters and grow your identity.

  • Google, Yahoo and other generic email services have some intense spam filters (and I mean INTENSE). So if you’re sending emails from generic email addresses to generic email addresses, guess what.., there’s a big chance it will end up in the spam folder.
  • Showing your non-generic email address on paper work, business cards, etc., looks more professional and will be more inline with your branding.
  • And the last point for today is with every email you send, you will be promoting your business.

So to get better email ‘open rates’, more trust from your subscribers and easy, effortless promotion with every email you send, stay away from generic email addresses, and use a personalised email address bassed on your domain name instead.



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