How Long Should Your Videos Be?

How Long Should Your Videos Be?

How Long Should Your Videos Be?

Making videos for platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and more, especially when you don’t know your audience yet can be.., well, like a brick wall. The only way to get better is to scale it and see what your audience wants as opposed to what you think they want. And, before you get to this stage you will have a hundred and one questions about how to grow. One very common question is ‘How long should my video be?’. Now there isn’t a set formular for this but there are atleast three things you should consider when answering this question.

First off, how dry is the topic.

Are you going to put them to sleep with content overload. Let’s face it, no matter how well you deliver a dry topic,it’s still dry, and will cause friction with peoples attention.
In these situations, would it be better to just give the highlights, and then direct them to the full story if they want to know more?
This way you know that if they have opted for more, it is safe to go dryer than before. But, still be careful.

Where are you distributing the content.

There are many locations/venues that you can use to distribute your content. And as a knock on effect, there are also many ways to consume it as well.
In today’s digital world, you’ll find that some people on social media just want a quick fix, where as others will take the time to consume every last byte before moving on.
And let’s not forget offline consumption as well. People still read, and that’s a fact. We read books, magazines, papers, product packaging, All of these places and more are fair game for your content.

How comfortable are you on camera?

Do you feel a little stiff in front of the camera, no matter how well you know the topic.
You’ve got to remember that empathy plays a major role in your viewers experience. If you feel uncomfortable, they will feel uncomfortable.
If you’re having trouble calming yourself down, keep your video short and sweet. Get all of the juicy stuff out the way first (front loading), and make more videos that expand upon the same topic.

So in conclusion. If you have to ask how long your videos should, then it’s worth considering all the previous points (how dry your topic is, where you’re going to distribute and how comfortable you are on camera). When you do this you will see a window of time created by your platform, your audience and yourself. This coupled with techniques like front loading the information, pacing and visual story telling will tell you how long your video should be and all you have to worry about is making it entertaining for your chosen audience.

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