How To Turn Your Passive Audience Into People Of Action.

How To Turn Your Passive Audience Into People Of Action.

You’re at the end of your video but you have so much more to share, teach, or to give. The problem is this is the end and they know it, so before they go, if you are at all serious about your message, you need to tell them what to do next. This is called a Call To Action (or CTA for short). The purpose of a call to action is move them from a passive state to a state where they perform a pre-detemined action. This could be to share, tell a friend, or maybe to click that button. But before you start ordering people around, here are three rules that you need to consider.

It should be an action that the viewer can do or at the very least, something that they can plan for.

Next, you must only have one call to action.

And finally, yes finally, it must be the very last thing you say.

So that’s it, you now know the fundamentals of creating content for talking head videos. You know about the hook, the introduction and how to end you video. Of course there is the actual content as well, and if it is engaging, the video as a whole will be enough to compel them to come back for more or even take the next step into you eco-system. And believe me when I say ‘This is where the magic happens’.


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