What Type Of Video Should You Make?

What Type Of Video Should You Make?

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel when creating video content. If you’re stuck for a topic, try using one of the following ‘Go To’ topics to get you started.

‘X’ amount of ways (or steps) to achieve ‘Y’

This is basically a list that can be used to achieve a goal. Examples can be: 3 ways to create amazing videos, The top 7 tools you need to edit a Vlog or 3 words to avoid when creating great titles. Most people love a count down of sorts (album charts, best practices, etc), and they love to see if their number one pick is the same as yours. Not only are these quick to create, they can also be used as a way to answer commonly asked questions.

Frequently asked questions and should ask questions.

If you’re selling something and you want to answer customers objections, use video to answer the most frequently asked questions. You should also consider answering the questions that your customers should be asking so that they get more insight into your product. This can give you a massive amount of content, especially if you create one video per question. By restricting the answers to one per video, you get the chance to really go deep and to really explain your point.

Practical or demonstration videos.

Everybody wants to see it in action. If you’re selling something, show how it works. Choose a problem that the customer has, then use your product to solve the problem. Play more towards the experience than the specs. Better still, show how someone else feels when they use the product.

If you’re running low on creativity, the examples in this post will give you a buffer until you have other forms of content to deliver (like for instance, video essays). And to make these ideas even more powerful, they all revolve around educating your audience to the product you are trying to sell. Paving the way for more informed purchases and less objections to your product.

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