Post-Production – What is it?

Post-Production – What is it?

The video shoot is now complete, we’ve cleaned up, cleared out, and you are now relaxing. What Next.

Our next stage is video post-production, and to be honest, this step is just as important as the pre-production and production phases.
Post-production is the act of taking your footage, your previous plans,  and your overall vision for the project, putting it together and generating a final, cohesive end product that meets or exceeds the original specification.


Let’s eat.

To do this we have to first collect (or ingest) the footage, audio and other elements from the shoot. While ingesting the data, we will also catalog and sort the data to make it easier to work with. This (believe it or not) can take from a few hours, to several days, depending on how complicated the shoot was. Not the most exciting step, but very, very necessary.


Finding the story.

Now we can start the first loose edit. The goal here is to find or guide the story. The edit won’t be perfect but gives us a good idea of where we are heading. We often put conceptual elements in the edit to see how it all fits together. When this is done, we then tidy the edit to get to the first draft.


The draft.

We now present the first draft to you for your comments. We are looking for your honest opinion here as our aim is to meet the original criteria for your project. If something isn’t working, we and change it to see if we can get closer to the final product. After a few iterations, we will ask for you to sign the project off, then we will deliver the project to you.

And that’s the basic process. The process may change from project to project but, the will always be three distinct stages. Pre-production, production and post-production.




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