Video Pre-production

Video Pre-production

So, you have chosen an expert to help you create your video and they start to speak in terms of production, more specifically pre-production, production and post-production. But what does that mean?

For any job, in any industry, there will be atleast three stages of work, preparation (pre-production), the main body of work (production) and finishing the work (post-production).

Today we are going to talk about the pre-production side of video creation and what it is that we actually do.

The first thing we will do is research you and your topic.

We do this to make sure that we are thinking along the same lines. There’s nothing more de-railing than not knowing what you are trying to build.

Straight after learning about you and your topic, we need to know what you want to achieve.

More sales, views, awareness, appointments, etc. With this knowledge, we can taylor the video to your desired outcome.

We also (if possible) research your location.

We need to know the size of the location, lighting needs, power needs, and more. If you don’t have a location then we will find a location for you. We also have to consider travel arrangments for everybody and the gear.

The above may require us to ask a few questions about what makes you and your cause great. Once we have the answers, we will then create a plan that will lead us into the actual production of your video. This is where we get the cameras out and start filming stuff.



About Marvin

So you know that one person who discovers something new, and is so caught up in this discovery that they want to tell the word, whether the world is ready for it or not. Well.., that’s me. I discovered video as a tool back in 2014 (or there abouts) and I have used it as my first port of call for nearly all of my projects ever since. I am not (by any means) a block buster film maker but I am passionate about the whole process. And, I want to share my process with you. Twitter: onvisibility


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