Video Production – What to expect

Video Production – What to expect

OK so the video pre-production is now complete and we are ready to go. What happens next..? Video Production.

So far we have:-

  • Researched you and your topic.
  • Found out what you want to achieve.
  • Considered your location.
  • And from the information gathered above, we formulated a plan.

At the start of the actual video production (or shoot), we will arrive early.

This is to make sure that we can fully utilise the day. Even if you can’t be there early yourself, we like to give ourselves time to prepare.


And that plan we formulated…

When you arrive at the shoot, we will brief you on the plan for the day. We do this even if we have already shared the plan with you previously. This will help keep everybody on the same page.


Setting the scene.

At this point we can finalise the setup. Yes, we arrived early, and yes the setup has already started but there a few things that require your presence during the video production.

  • Framing of the talent (you) on camera to keep you looking your best.
  • Lighting, to ensure we can see you on camera.
  • And audio. We need to ensure we can hear you.

During all of the above, we want to ensure you are feeling comfortable in front of the camera. We may play a few games, do a few test shots to show you how things look, generally, getting you ready for the shoot.


We are now ready for the shoot.

At this point we settle back and have a conversation about you and what you want to achieve. We will normally pause every couple of minutes to take a mini break and we may ask you how you think things are going. At the end of the shoot we will also ask for a testimonial on camera about your experience to make sure we are inline with your expectations.


The shoot is now over, what next?

Simple, we clean up and get out. The next stage for us is pre-prodution, but for you, well, you and relax.

About Marvin

So you know that one person who discovers something new, and is so caught up in this discovery that they want to tell the word, whether the world is ready for it or not. Well.., that’s me. I discovered video as a tool back in 2014 (or there abouts) and I have used it as my first port of call for nearly all of my projects ever since. I am not (by any means) a block buster film maker but I am passionate about the whole process. And, I want to share my process with you. Twitter: onvisibility


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