We Are Here Because You Are Here.

We are a lean video production company based in Derby, aiming to help you feel great about pressing upload on your videos.

With 7 years of being in front of and behind the camera, the art of getting from initial concept to final product is almost second nature.

I specialise in talking head videos, green screening, roaming videography, interviews, events and on camera presence.

My aim is to find the story, and make it shine. We do this by mixing people, personalities and locations to bring the story to life.
Also, as an award winning public speaker, I am also able to bring out your best performance to help you become relatable on camera.

How Can Online Video Help YOU?

Online video is more captivating than just written text alone. Your enthusiasm will show and as we know, enthusiasm is infectious.

While using online video to enhance your written marketing copy, your message can be delivered quickly, easily and to thousands of people around the world at a time when they are ready to hear it.

Your online video will become a marketing asset that you can share on social media, through your website or email, or even carried with you on your mobile phone to help you drive a point home while you are in front of a customer or prospect.

There is no doubt that online video is here to stay. And with so many ways for customers or prospects to view online videos, you will definitely increase your chances of being heard.

So Why Aren’t YOU Making Video?