When the Social Media Stink hits the fan.

When the Social Media Stink hits the fan.

When Social Media Stink Hits The Fan“Girl you know it’s true. Ooh, ooh, ooh I love you.”

Do you remember those lyrics? If you were around in the late 80’s and early 90’s you will most likely remember the big hoo-haa when it was announced that they weren’t singing live, in fact, the lead vocals didn’t come from them at all.

Now this was a major blow to their reputation and stunted their growth. No matter what they did after the announcement, they would always be remembered for that one event.

Just imagine if that was you or your business?

They say that once you put it out there you can never get it back. That is especially true when using social media. Communication today is faster than ever and a bad day at the office can lead to a bad day at the keyboard. Your dis-satisfaction, anger, frustrations will show in your words and tarnish your intended message.

Another way to be poorly remembered on social media is through both miss-information and too much information. Sometimes the facts are miss-leading or you may say more than you intended leading to embarrassing situations as a business.

What can we do?

Think before you publish and NEVER WRITE ANGRY. This may seem like an obvious thing but in the heat of the moment your emotions take over and what you feel goes to press.

What you need to do is break the cycle of type then publish by adding a review phase to allow you to pause and take in what you are about to put out there. In fact, it’s better if someone else reviewed your content for you while giving their feedback.

To make sure this happens, most companies have what is known as a Social Media Policy that must be adhered to in order to deliver it’s content online. The policy normally outlines what can and can not be done with social media and also sets guidelines about what to do if you are approached for information from the press.

With these guide lines in place You will have a mechanism to control the flow of information via social media and you can avoid always being remembered for that one event.

So remember, NEVER WRITE ANGRY and take the time to create a social media policy to keep your reputation safe.