Customer Avatar – Who Are You Talking to

Customer Avatar – Who Are You Talking to

A Customer Avatar will help you to be really clear on how you need to deliver you message.

Have you ever started a conversation with some one only to see their eyes glaze over, a little like the zombies on the night of the living dead?

Only to have them come right back at you with football or Eastenders?

Don’t worry, it is your fault but since you know, you can do something about it.

Before you open your mouth, you need to ask yourself one question..!




Is this the right conversation for this person?

Here’s an example:

I am a gamer, I like to play games on my PS3 (Playstation 3), I have done for many, many, many years. And to be honest, I can not see myself giving up in the near future.

Now I have a friend that likes to travel, he travels a lot (seriously this man don’t sit still for a minute). If we engage in a conversation about travel he is well in there. Hands, feet and belly rolls, but if I bring up gaming in any way shape or form, he’s not interested. What do I do in this situation? It’s not going to be a conversation if I push it, so I abandon it and wait until I find someone who appreciates that kind of banter. Don’t get me wrong, we do chat, but not about gaming.

Now let’s bring this to the design table. When you are designing a website, a Facebook post or video, who are you trying to reach?

  • What are their likes and dislikes?
  • What are the major problems stopping them doing what they want to do?
  • What would it mean to them to have these problems vanish?

You also need to know who they are:

  • Age?
  • Sex?
  • Marital status?

And also how to find them:

  • Where do they hangout online?
  • Are they sociable?
  • Do they chill at home or away?

We call this the ‘Customer Avatar’ and it helps you to define your target audience. Believe me, there are a thousand and one questions you can ask about the person you are trying to reach, and each answer can spawn even more questions. This means that you can get really specific about who you want to talk to, and when you reach them, they will be more receptive to your message.

So what questions can you ask about your Customer Avatar?

Well.., almost anything but it has to be relevant. There is no need ask about the third rock from the sun if you’re looking for people interested in golf.